Transmitter / Receiver [I caught your radio waves]

This body of work is about relationships -physical, emotional and temporal. It began with my consideration of my relationship to this landscape, a place I have known my whole life and will soon be leaving. Since April 2018 this pair of communication towers (transmitter and receiver) their relationship to each other and to the landscape surrounding, became the focus of my observation on daily walks in the area. In particular I’m interested in how they appear to change depending on my perspective. These changes are documented through plein air painting, drawing and photography. Through this sustained process of observation I have contemplated all of my close relationships: with other people; myself; and this place.

This project was first exhibited with Gallery Interlude at Lucky Lane, Limerick in November 2018. The piece ‘I caught your radio waves’, a sequence of 29 pen drawings on postcard, was purchased by the University of Limerick for their collection.



Above Install at Gallery Interlude, Nov, 2018

Below Poster designed by Ciaran Nash