This project is based on a journey I made along the Pacific coast of the USA from Sand Diego to Seattle. Following a casual conversation with a geologist on the visible effects of climate change, human activity, on land and sea my perception of the landscape changed. The decline in marine biodiversity since my childhood was striking.

I began to document any traces of bull kelp – Nereocystis Luetkeana that I encountered, no matter how small. Nereocystis, which translates as ‘mermaids bladder’,  is a species of marine algae. It forms the dominant offshore habitat between Santa Cruz, California and Alaska. It is characterised by its long single stem which has a large float near end filled with gas. Documentation took the form of photographs and drawings.

Without knowledge many of the changes we have wrought on the environment can be subtle. Once you start becoming aware of the signs, they begin to glare. Further decline in the habitat and range of bull kelp and many other forms of life worldwide is expected. Without widespread change this is inevitable. With greater awareness of how our daily choices effect the environment we can begin to change our habits and make individual contribution for the benefit of all.

Aspects of this project have been exhibited at:

‘Kon-fluhks’, Occupy Space – Seattle at Love City Love, Seattle

‘We, Occupy Space, We Occupy Space’, MART, Rathmines, Dublin

‘SAW2 – Small Art Works II’, The Mews, Limerick