From Print to Postcard: Limerick’s Ghost Stories

A collaboration between Limerick City of Culture 2014, Limerick Printmakers, Stephanie Reilly of Pop that Press Up and Limerick artists Pamela Dunne and Isabella Walsh.

From Print to Postcard: Limerick’s Ghost Stories began as a project sited in the Park Kiosk in the People’s Park in Limerick City, commissioned by Limerick City of Culture Legacy Commissioning. Artists Isabella Walsh and Pamela Dunne were selected by Limerick Printmakers and Stephanie Reilly to deliver the project. Members of the public were invited to visit the Kiosk and share ghost stories, strange experiences and frightening tales relating to Limerick city and county over a cup of tea.

Limerick is a city steeped in folklore and tradition and we are seeking to build up an archive of both contemporary and historical uncanny tales. The archive will capture a unique view of the city and its cultural history. These tales are audio recorded (if the storyteller is comfortable with this!), transcribed and illustrated by the artists.

In this phase of the project the created illustrations were printed as postcard size drypoint* images in an edition of 3. The participants receive one of these by post, one goes to Limerick City of Culture and one edition will be sent out, along with the transcribed text, to galleries in each of the 32 counties by post to hang for a period of 2 weeks before returning to become part of the Limerick Printmakers collection.

An exhibition of all the prints together was held in the Kiosk on the 28th of February, 2015.

The second phase of the project, an illustrated book, is underway thanks to a bursary received from Locating The Gothic. We are also joined by fellow artist and folklore enthusiast Marian Sheehan.

I like to do preparatory drawings to come up with ideas before working on plates, below are some of the drawings from the Kiosk project. They are done using a combination of homemade iron gall ink (applied using dip pen and brush), graphite and black ball point pen.