Home is a place where every day is multiplied by the memory of those which precede it. It is idea with different connotations for different people, a fluid and ever evolving concept which is subject to different interpretations. Home is more than just a structure one inhabits, in different contexts it may mean town, county or nation. The environment surrounding the dwelling is part of one’s intimate experience and plays an important role in the formation of a sense of place (Tuan, 1977). The journey undertaken in one’s home is temporal rather than physical, it is a vehicle for the body as the body is a vehicle for the soul. Memories of and familiarity with a place are what make one feel connected to it, the most complex relationships occur with the items and places which we know best as they evoke at once both how they are now and how they used to be or experiences and memories which are somehow related to them. The place where one grows up is the place where one’s relationship with the environment is formed and provides the basis on which the reactions and interactions with other environments are based (Stedman, 2007)

I returned to my childhood home in order to help look after my father in his final years and for me the feeling of ‘Home’ is very much tied up with memories of him. The photographs were taken in the garden and the area nearby in his final year of life. The drawings are precise illustrations to scale (1:1) of objects he created during my lifetime. I have lived around them for many years, they seem a part of the house. An archaeologist and museum curator by profession they are my tribute to his memory.