The park kiosk, open for business, From print to postcard: Limerick's ghost stories poster on door and window

Park Kiosk residency – From Print to Postcard: Limerick’s Ghost Stories

A partnership between Limerick City of Culture’s Park Kiosk project, Limerick Printmakers, Stephanie Reilly of Pop that Press up and local artists Pamela Dunne and Isabella Walsh.

wide angle view of the kiosk interior

wide angle view of the kiosk interiorThe project in the park kiosk was a really fantastic opportunity that almost seemed to come about by serendipity… Pamela and I both responded separately with interest and curiosity to a call out through Limerick Printmakers by Stephanie Reilly of Pop that press up… We agreed that it would be nice to work together on it and added our own twist to the proposal – the ghost story element.


The project was very well received and we got a great mixture of people of all ages and lots of different types of stories; snippets of stories, one line descriptions, made up tales, uncanny experiences and self induced horror and truly terrifying events!

The kiosk provided a wonderful site for these encounters as, sitting with the window open, some people just wanted to stop for a bit of a chat and would give a couple of snippets often not feeling they had enough to warrant coming in and sitting down. Perhaps they did not feel comfortable enough to do so, or did not want to commit too much to it but they had valuable input nonetheless. groups of local children were popping in in the final week, excited by the idea that they would be getting a postcard in the mail of their story. Some people came and shared a wealth of experiences and local folklore. It was a really nice way to engage with people and the local community.

kiosk interior with bottles and other items on shelvesAnother aspect that was quite interesting was transcribing the audio recordings. We felt it was important to keep the tone of voice, or rather to try and remain true to the storytellers way of speaking in order that it would still read like them… This worked very nicely. It was shocking to realize while typing just how much one translates what is said into ones own words – going back over sentences to find that what one had written was in fact not what they had said at all! Some people were not comfortable with being recorded. This was not a problem, notes were taken by hand and written up.


20150224_154208Printing the postcards was one of the final stages. I have never produced so many prints in such a short space of   time – over 56 in two days. It became very much an assembly line process – ink 10 plates, wipe back, add highlights, print and repeat!








All in all it was a wonderful experience, one we feel would be easily built on in Limerick but also applicable to other places too… We look forward to developing the project further!

Below is an image gallery of the closing exhibition: each postcard image is accompanied by the corresponding story. It was a very pleasant final day to the residency.

Pigeons visited looking for biscuits every Friday

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