Recently I did an interview for the arts segment of the local newspaper – The Limerick Leader. This is the first time I have ever done something like this.


The way the interview was conducted was quite nice – I was emailed a list of the questions, I typed my answers and sent them on. My responses were turned into an article which I was allowed to approve and make any last minute changes on. There is more time to reflect on what you are saying in this kind of interview, albeit within the parameters of the questions asked, as opposed to a spoken and recorded version. All in all I think it was a good experience and it has made me evaluate what I am doing in a different way.


In some ways parts of what I wrote is a bit embarrassing (like the bit about how I started out as a child obsessively drawing horses) but I felt it best to be as candid and as honest as possible in the interview.


The photograph of me is by my friend Deirdre Power, taken at the night of the Locating the Gothic Bursary Awards at Culture House in Pery Square.

The link to the online version of the article:


The Arts Interview_Isabella Walsh reduced-1