I am a multidisciplinary artist with a background in archaeology. Inspired by curiosity in the world around me I am fascinated by the fragments of human life visible as marks and interventions in the environment. Ideas of perception and interpretation interest me and I find I often question deeper aspects of the human condition. Time, memory, concepts of space and place are recurring tropes in my work.

I am currently engaged in several long term projects. The first “Who put Bella in the wych elm?”* is a true story first encountered online while researching for the ‘Plane Invasion’ exhibition which piqued my curiosity. It is the murder-mystery of a female skeleton found inside a hollow tree in Hagely Wood, Worcestershire 1943. Upon further research a complex tale of murder, mystery and intrigue was revealed. Theories abound as to why she was murdered: ritual associated with witchcraft, was she a spy or had she connection to German spies? Perhaps she was fleeing an air raid and was unlucky. A description including a sketch of what she was wearing and dental records were circulated far and wide but no information was forthcoming. The case, open for 60 years, remains unsolved and her identity unknown.

Collaboration is something I enjoy. I am working with Pamela Dunne to produce an illustrated publication of ‘Limerick’s Ghost Stories’. This is funded by the Locating The Gothic bursary award [2015] for creating an archive of contemporary folklore through our residency in the Park Kiosk at The Peoples Park in Limerick City, part of Limerick National City of Culture 2014.

Fergus Grant-Stevenson and I are creating a series of sculptural and printed artworks based on a walk we took along the UL towpath just prior to its re-development. We collected botanical samples, audio, photographic and textural records of the journey which we will develop through exchange of skills and ideas. This project will explore the boundaries of art versus craft, or if such a thing exists.

I am also engaged in a long distance exchange with John Freeman, my USA based Occupy Space colleague. This project is based on his drive across the United States as he moved house from east coast to west. By taking his photographs uploaded to Facebook and his answers to whimsical questionnaires I travel vicariously across the continent creating new stories of his adventure. In September 2016 I will re-trace the final leg of his journey from California to Seattle. This will culminate in an exhibition in Seattle and later as part of a collaborative show in MART, Dublin.