A group of four of us are experimenting with a new [to us] way of collaborating. We are two of us based in the same city, one in a different city in the same country and one on the other side of the Atlantic ocean…


We decided we were going to exhibit together, we have a show coming up in November. Perhaps in a very backwards way we then began to think about how our work related to one another, what our curatorial statement might look like and so on. All of us are quite conscientious in that respect – we would like for the work to relate to one another, we would like it to be a strongly unified show, we would like to work together as a team but our existing practices do not necessarily relate that obviously. Not that there are no concurrent themes but that are a little more difficult to excavate.

I can think of a number of examples of artists who work collectively whose work does not necessarily relate in an obvious way, I am sure there are hundreds upon thousands. Working as a group is a good way of getting yourself out there [or so it seems to me!].


We have devised the strategy for now of having weekly Skype meetings. We get together and chat about possibilities, plans, ways of working, what we are thinking about. I have been taking notes [although we have only been doing this now for two sessions] and I will produce a small zine type piece each week based on the conversations held. This will over a couple os sessions reveal continuing threads of themes. I hope then to research and pose questions on these themes, create some sort of text based reflective or interview type pieces. I will incrementally build up a collection of works, presented as books and zines of different shapes and sizes. The work will be therefore produced in direct response to the lives and thoughts of four people who have entered into this process, a new exploration of the collaborative process. The deadline of the show gives us something to work towards and a reason to be doing it…

collective blog: https://www.tumblr.com/blog/weoccupyspace

John Yelverton-Freeman – https://yelvertonfreeman.carbonmade.com

Kate McElroy – http://www.katemcelroy.com

Ciaran Nash – http://www.ciarannash.net

Any thoughts?