JanusDetail from 'I see' exhibited at 'We, Occupy Space, We Occupy Space' MART, 2016drypoint print view from bed of room, dark figure looming over foot of bedInstall at 'This Forever: Together we raised some hell' Occupy Space 2016

About the Artist

Portrait of Isabella Walsh

Isabella Walsh is a multidisciplinary artist with a background as an archaeologist, graduating from Limerick School of Art and Design in 2013 with a 1.1 degree in Printmaking and Contemporary Practice. Isabella received a bursary membership from Limerick Printmakers. She is Co-Director of Occupy Space, formerly an artist led gallery space and now an international artist collective.

Much of her work involves storytelling often incorporating philosophical ideas of time, place and identity through printmaking, photography, sculpture and one-off artist books.

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Current Work

‘Who put Bella in the witch elm?’ is the murder-mystery of a female skeleton found inside a hollow tree in Hagely Wood, Worcestershire 1943. Theories abound as to why she was murdered: ritual associated with witchcraft, was she a spy or had she connection to German spies? Perhaps she was fleeing an air raid and was unlucky. The case, open for 60 years, remains unsolved and her identity unknown. Over the years the mystery has been deepened by a sudden silence from all those ‘in the know’ about the case, refusing to speak any more on the subject. In 2009 the case was closed and the police handed their records over to the county archives.

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Exhibitions and Projects

FEBRUARY 2017// ‘Greenhouse’ The Devonshire Collective, Eastbourne
TBC// All Art Now at Ormston House, group show

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